About Us

Peace Ripple is all about the healing energy whether it’s for humans, animals, or the planet that we radiate out from us isn’t it?.

We are Renting this website for $19.50usd/week (paid monthly in advance). That includes Hosting, ssl certificate (padlock), website maintenance, website indexing in Google, and website upgraded security all for this one low price.

When renting this website you get:

  •  – Free Hosting     
  • –  Free SSL Certificate
  • –  Free Website Maintenance
  • – A website already ranking in Google
  • – Rental of a highly desirable domain name
  • – Upgraded security for the website to help keep it safe from hackers
  • – We’ll add some pictures, content (up to 5 pages), and address/phone number that you give us 

~ No Contracts. If you don’t want it after 1, 2, or 3 months then just let us know, There’s nothing more to pay.

~ A one time set-up fee of $99usd to put on your information, some pictures, your phone number, and email address.

~ Just think, you’ll have a website set up and ready to go, all you do is give us some pics, and content ( up to 5 pages), Free of charge. Need more, ask us for a quote.

If you want a great looking website we can do that also.

Go to Beachside Web Services.